Deep learning has pervaded every computer-science related field, from networks, embedded systems and rocket science. Despite revolutionising the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), there still remain various corner cases where real data is at loggerheads with its innate characteristics.

Recently, I have been working with medical data, and it has…

It was a name we often heard with awe,
Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.
My teacher nudged me to read all his books,
And threatened to question me from the nooks
and crannies. Thus, I ventured to open ‘Ignited
Minds’. Lo and Behold! That was such a sight.
A glimpse of his soul shone brightly…

I’m supposed to be writing my thesis or synopsis or preparing camera-ready version of a paper. Yet I feel awash with emotions, primarily that of over-whelming relief, to get started with any of these tasks.

The reason is that our paper got accepted in a top-tier A* conference (AAAI). This…

The smile was bestowed upon the wide world,
to search for a reflection in some face.
Forgiveness was unleashed into the wild,
to save a fellow human’s fall from grace.
Gratitude was dispersed among the clouds,
to rain relief on a dry dire phase.
Hope was whispered into the cuckoo’s ears,
to spread birdsong on those desperate…

Sowmya S Sundaram

An AI researcher who likes to blog. Favourite topics include technology, experiences, culinary trails, travels, dance and feminism.

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